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Hey Eataly,  I Like You!

Hey Eataly, I Like You!

If you're like me,  you hate crowds, difficult parking, tourists, traffic and stupid people (I'm sure we all hate stupid people, or feel sorry for them at the very least).  So going to a "Tourist Attraction" in Los Angeles can be tedious.  Who wants to fight the throngs of slow-walkers when you can just as easily stay in your own little pocket of the city?  Well, This week I ventured out to Eataly, the giant Italian food hall/market/restaurant in the Century City mall.  I am Funemployed at the moment and have the luxury of weekday time to do stuff.  I had a dentist appointment (All good!  I floss regularly) on the westside.  I am not a westsider so that in and of itself is a journey so to be able to build in an outing is terrific. (Have I mentioned I'm lazy?).

This place is fantastic.  There's a huge cheese counter, pastry counter, and fresh pasta station.  They have a full on grocery with meat, fish and fresh fruits and veggies.  In the main dining area there are all kinds of stations for Italian food.  I didn't eat at any of them because it was 11 am and I wasn't in the mood for a full on meal.  Instead, I went to the Rome-style pizza counter.  The slices are square (fun!) and the crust is light and doughy and still has a nice, crisp edge.  I got the fontina cheese and pepperoni.  It was great.  The flavors range from traditional, like the one I had, to funkier ones with many cheeses and stuff you wouldn't normally get on pizza. 

After my snack, I wandered through the marketplace.  If you've got time, money and like to cook this place is right up your alley.  Anything you can imagine cooking or eating in Italian foods, it's there.  Sauces and jams, canned fruits and vegetables, cookies, candies, spices....you name it.  Oh and there is a beautiful wine, beer and booze shop.  I could spend hours and lots of dollars in that place.

Finished off my visit downstairs with a little gelato.  I had the chocolate.  It didn't blow me away but even so-so chocolate gelato is still gelato.  All in all, thumbs up.  I'd go back if I were planning a big Italian meal.  Most importantly, GO EARLY. Like right when it opens.  It will make it a much more pleasant experience.

OK that's it.  As you were.

I mean, seriously?

I mean, seriously?

You Do You, Girlfriend.

You Do You, Girlfriend.